Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are You Enthusiastic?

Spiritual Principle teaches us that at our core we have everything we need. Yet many of us affirm, “I do not.” Even after we take prosperity courses and inner peace classes, we complain about our problems. And we go and find people who’d agree with it. We write on our Facebook pages, “I really have a problem.” And we magnify the problem rather than opening ourselves up for a solution.

Ernest Holmes would not listen to his student's complaining and would tell them, “It’s your problem, not mine.” "Here you’ve studied it all and you don’t even know what Principle is. Take the beginners class over again!”

School is in session now for most of our children. If you ever watch children on a playground, you see a beautiful thing with the noise, and hollering and running around at recess time. Isn’t that wonderful? I'd like to think that Jesus and Buddha and the great peacemakers throughout the ages had that enthusiasm. It makes you wonder as we get older, What happened to ours? There’s a little boy and a little girl in all of us. What happened to it? What happened to our enthusiasm?

We know what it will take to be successful in our movement. Yes, the leaders and the Boards have to be enthusiastic, but so do the members. We require an enthusiasm for a philosophy that can bring peace. Are you enthusiastic? You know when you are enthusiastic when you can't wait to get to work, to be with your family, to go out with your friends. Let's transfer that enthusiasm to our inner life of developing a more peaceful consciousness.

On that note, Andrew Harvey will also be visiting the Peace Center on September 23. He is author of The Hope and founder of Sacred Activism. Purchase his book here or at the event for signing.

Try something new this fall - show up, take a class, go within, and get excited about what you find!

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