Monday, September 20, 2010

New Thought Shapeshifting

Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's PotentialI’ve been reading Michael Beckwith’s book Spiritual Liberation and  he briefly speaks of shapeshifting in New Thought terms, which immediately caught my attention.  I wanted to share some of my reflections with you as well as a report of my recent experiences shapeshifting. I gave a half hour talk on this subject at The Peace Center on Sunday, September 20th. Here is an excerpt:

What Michael Beckwith is describing with the word 'shapeshift' and what I am describing today is not action based on superstition, werewolf or vampire legends, pushing our willful agenda, or manipulating people or conditions. It is the intention of the individual that makes the shape shifting experience something holy, something divine, and something that serves Spirit.

Now, the shapeshifting that is of interest to New Thought is the ability to shift raw energy from thought into concrete form. And energy is all around us, energy is never-ending, cannot be destroyed or eliminated, only shifted into forms.

Take a a glass of water for example. If given a glass of water, you cannot destroy it; it is impossible to destroy the water. If poured out, the water becomes part of whatever you pour it into or onto. If evaporated, it later becomes rain. If drank, it becomes part of the body then waste that is recycled into the Earth. In other words, like all other things, it cannot be destroyed. Nothing can be destroyed. All is ever-beginning, never-ending. All things merely shift shape. This very strongly suggests that energetic shape shifting is a natural state of existence.

The fundamental principle of New Thought shape shifting is the realization that everything is energy. Everything that is alive….and everything is alive at some level, the protons and neutrons spin around at lightning speeds. Everything is energy. We are energy. Only energy can impact energy. Therefore we can influence our relationship to the physical world through energy. We influence the physical world only because we believe we can. So having said that, we need three things to shape shift:

First, the acceptance that energy is the building block and sustainer of all that exists. Ernest Holmes, the founder of The Science of Mind, never called himself a shapeshifter, but we was very close personal friends with energy.  Second, is the conviction that an individual may energetically influence his or her inner and outer world. Third: marshaling energy through ones intent is the action necessary to shapeshift and bring about desired transformation.

Energetic shapeshifting is one of the world’s oldest forms of healing and transformation. Shapeshifting legends exist in most major civilizations of the world and in many sacred texts in the lives of the saints and prophets. Shapeshifting occurs in two forms: spiritual shapeshifting which transforms or reshapes the patterns of one’s consciousness; and physical shapeshifting which the shaman shifts his or her actual physical shape into the shape of another living creature, such as assuming the form of a jaguar or snake in order to perform deep spiritual work and come back to human form to share the wisdom they learned.

I’m not going to deny that shamans can shapeshift into a real animal and return to the human world at will. I wouldn’t doubt it for anyone here. That is the part that excites us and stirs the fantasy. However, it is the former that we can actually do today and accomplish much today while we fantasize about the latter.

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