Friday, October 15, 2010

Beloved Community - Thoughts for Global Oneness Day

Ernest Holmes once said, "No one yet knows what might happen if a group of a thousand persons, gathered together for mutual benefit, should unitedly agree and without dissent or argument, fully accept simply and directly, that there is a Healing presence in the midst of them. . . Let us form a united front, create a great pool of faith, and from the power generated through this collective thinking, broadcast the message to the whole world."

No one yet knows what might happen. Who’s dying to find out? Actually we all are. This "one thousand," that I am going to call The Beloved Community, is that community where we are living in agreement and fully accepting  the power of peace and love in our lives and that this power is the unifying factor that makes this community vital and alive and flourishing. I want it. I want it real bad….who else does?

In order for this vision of the Beloved Community to come to pass, we must embrace Unity as its fundamental principle. In order for us to proceed, we need to accept and embody the idea that everything that exists emanates from One Cosmic Source of energy and intelligence. The first principle fundamental to an understanding of life, including all human experience, is that the whole universe, of which man is a part, is spiritual in its essence. Stated in the simplest way, this means that a Cosmic energy and intelligence is the creative power of all that exists. This power must be an eternal, singular and unifying life principle underlying and interpenetrating all phenomenal manifestations, so that all that exists in our objective world-whether mineral, animal, or human-is in reality not only a creation of the One Principle, but in fact and truth must be a manifestation or incarnation of this Principle.

Those are the principles, what does that mean for me? You might be asking. My point is moving our application of these principles from "me" to "we," because it is when we move from me to WE that Beloved Community can come into existence. We can't have a community with just "me." 

In the September 2010 edition of Science of Mind Magazine is a fascinating article written by my favorite brain scientist, Andrew Newberg. He writes how that in his studies using brain scans when two people meet they instinctively try to mirror and match each other at the level of brain waves. Before we are even aware of it, we are uniting with other people. By the time we become aware of it and start formulating opinions about it, the connection is already made. It is only the ego that jumps in and makes its case for separation.

The words "Beloved Community" were coined in the early 1900’s and made immortal by Dr. Martin Luther King in a sermon he made in 1959 where he associated the Beloved Community with Agape love and said, “ this type of love can transfom opponents into friends. It is this love which will bring about miracles in the hearts of men.” He talked about his revolution in terms of a “revolution of values.” And this love “as the ultimate conquerer” of injustice, prejudice, and oppression of every kind.

In the last generation, we have seen more and more people rally to the idea of Beloved Community. Who are we here at the Peace Center today, but this new breed of spiritual revolutionary, equipped with timeless principle and modern science  who are in tune with the global collective consciousness of unity? And WE can make it happen! I invite you to join me in accepting this idea into consciousness so that it can flourish here, at the Peace Center right where we are. Who’s coming with me today????

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