Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Work Is Not Done Until Everyone Has Experienced Peace!

Dear Peacemaker,

Do you remember what first drew you to The Peace Center? I’m so grateful you decided to follow your inner compass, take a risk and attend one of our events. Maybe in the meantime you found a glimmer of peace, a new friend, a community of like minded people. Maybe you were one of the many we served who changed your life because of something you discovered at The Peace Center.

This is what our work is about. This is where the miracle happens. One person is drawn in, that person reaches out to another and invites them. That person makes a decision to show up, invest in themselves and discovers a wealth of inner and outer experiences of peace. Our work is not done until everyone has experienced peace first hand. We have our work cut out for us!

We’ve had a good year….world class teachers and presenters blessed our centers with their programs. Our membership went up slightly and our sphere of influence has expanded beyond our walls to include a growing online community. Many of our services are provided to participants regardless of ability to pay. These are benefits that are exclusive to our community, and perhaps we take these for granted.

Even with an all volunteer staff, we are stretched to cover our basic operating expenses.  If we are to keep our Center open, we must raise the necessary funds to pay for it and the value it brings to the community. We know that these economic times present struggles for many non-profit organizations. Despite these challenges we want even more to keep bringing our work to individuals and the community.  To be perfectly frank, $35,000 annually is required to pay the basics such as rent, utilities, phone, Internet and garbage.  Currently, we do not accrue sufficient funds from our membership fees, donations, classes, events, and other programs to cover these expenses.

There are many paths to success and here are some ways you can help:

·         Become a supporting member of The Peace Center. If you are a former member, renew your membership. Our supporting membership fee for 2012 is $50/year. All new members and renewing members will receive a premium gift as a token of our thanks.

·         Make a financial contribution that will help to sustain our future. Any contribution will help.

·         Join the Sustainer’s Circle. Support The Peace Center on a weekly or monthly basis – whether you are personally participating or not – to provide ongoing, reliable support for our Center. To join the Sustainer’s Circle, go to and select your preferred level of ongoing support.

·         Invite someone new to attend an event or class with you. Invite someone to attend our Sunday morning program.

·         Volunteer your time to helping around the Center. Our Center manager, Steve Flowers would welcome you with open arms.

The Peace Center community begins and ends with you. You can express your commitment by sending a donation today, in any amount, so that we can continue to be fiscally viable and responsible. When you choose to step up to volunteer, or bring in someone new, you are adding to the community.

You are a gifted person and your time, talent and financial support are gifts to our community. We offer a space for you to share your gifts - won’t you share your gifts with us now?

Thank you for all you do to bring peace to your world.


Margo Ruark

Executive Director

P.S.  One hundred percent of your contribution is tax deductible and all of it will be used to fulfill the mission of The Peace Center. A receipt will be sent to you for tax purposes upon request.

PPS. Old School Donations - write a check and put it in the mail.

Make all checks payable to The Peace Center

Mail contributions to:

The Peace Center
P O Box 98,   Berwyn, IL 60402-0098

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